eCommerce Platform

Teignbridge Media provide a solid foundation for growth through our eCommerce platform. The platform provided comes with first-hand experience of running a previous, highly successful online platforms along with working with retailers over the years. We understand the principles of selling online and offer a highly tested, innovative and functional platform.

Our platforms sell.

Feature-rich, data driven.

The eCommerce platforms that Teignbridge Media across increasingly competitive markets, provide numerous features that attract, convert and retain consumers. We combine a range of front features that catalyse purchases alongside a powerful back office that prioritises functionality. We provide a management system that allows you to conveniently and efficiently list products and update inventories. Further features include publishing store content, set and monitor sales and promotions and process orders. Importantly, our platforms allow for customer engagement and access analytical reporting data regarding your site’s performance. Teignbridge Media provides a platform that strengthens your sites SEO through marketing tools allowing you to connect with your consumer effectively.

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Our Support Team

We are on hand daily from 9am until 9pm via email for any questions, queries or issues. The team are available between 10am and 3pm in the office for calls. Or alternately, request a call back!



Teignbridge Media will help you get to know the back office and front of your website to ensure you can optimise sales. Unlock the full potential of your selling platform through free support. Our experts are always around to give you a helping hand!

Synergised Multi-Channel Retail Platforms

Our platforms compliment such selling platforms as eBay and Amazon. If you do take a multi-channel approach to sales the sites Teignbridge Media approach will help boost sales.

Consumer Focused Sites

The sites we produce are customer targeted, in order to attract and convert sales. We provide an online experience that is seamless and easy to navigate.

We can take a look at your current website and assess the health and performance of your current platform. Using a number of criteria, we can help optimise your site for further sales.

Adapting across multiple devices

We understand the importance of adapting your site so it is user friendly across all devices. With a shift towards smartphone use, we not only ensure your platform with run effortlessly on android or IOS but no a number of other devices including tablets, desktops and laptops. Our stores optimise images and navigation providing the highest possible functionality and ease of use for consumers.

Grow your revenue

Bring on new customers and retain the existing.

Easily adapt your pricing strategy at any time. Whether this is season adjustments or a response to competitors – you can also create promotions and offers across products and ranges.

The product management system provided by the back office will ensure efficiency and effectiveness when editing your inventories. Help to increase your profitability by effectively managing your pricing placement.


eCommerce that sells globally.

Teignbridge Media provide platforms that ensure our clients connect with their consumers digitally throughout the world, to drive sales and revenue.

The sites we provide support the growth or companies small and large, locally and further afield. We are results focused and provide a user-centric design for the highest conversions.