eCommerce SEO Services Agency

Further your reach and develop brand trust 

If you want to consistently and continually improve your sites online performance on search engines. The use of SEO is an invaluable asset. 

Experienced Team of SEO Specialists 

We ensure our sites are fully optimised and supportive of online strategies to boost the reach of your online store. 

Cross Channel SEO Strategy

We understand that your approach to sales may be a multi-channel approach. With the various channels available, the sites we provide are optimised for a cross channel strategy. Our teams work to ensure email, PPC and social media are fully supported and integrated to boost the reach of your site. 

The Tools to Succeed 

Teignbridge Media provide the tools for your online site to extend its reach and attain new consumers as well as retain the existing. 


The online platforms Teignbridge Media build enhance your brands story and community. We help to target your audience through optimisation, which drives traffic and adds value to your brand. 


Your site needs to easily accessible and indexable. Ultimately, it needs to be technologically compliant. Teignbridge Media highlight and solve issues at the start of each client project. We are able to provide not only maintenance but improvements to your site

Keeping it Local

Teignbridge Media fully understand the importance of having an effective local foothold. Often, essential for growth, we can help you establish and maintain strong local presence through effective SEO.

Our experts understand the importance of SEO connecting and enhancing each channel of commerce, branding and online platform to not only increase traffic but conversions on your website. The SEO we provide effectively integrates all channels.

When implemented correctly SEO brings about a positive upward cycle of activity to ensure your marketing budget is spent efficiently. 

Speak to your dedicated project manager for more information on how we can optimise an existing site or throughout the development on your bespoke platform.